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Mathematic Formula

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% for scalar (no shortcut)
a, b, ..., z
% for vector
\va, \vb, ..., \vz
% for matrix
\mA, \mB, ..., \mZ
% for set
\sA, \sB, ..., \sZ

# e.g.
    \vw_{ij}  & = \omega(\delta_{mul}(\vp_i - \vp_j) \odot \gamma(\vq_i, \vk_j) + \delta_{bias}(\vp_i - \vp_j)), \label{eq:pe_multiplier}


Table Adjustment

modified from and MAE paper


% e.g. table


Table Generation

Step 1: Install Spread-LaTeX in Google Sheet add-ons (Extensions -> Add-ons -> Get add-ons).

Step 2: Select table region. table

Step 3: Select Spread-LaTeX add-on (Extensions -> Spread-LaTeX -> Convert sheet->LaTeX ). table

Step 4: Copy raw LaTeX code. table

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